JUNE 2019






Happy Father’s Day to all of our wonderful Fathers and Grandfathers of Pleasant Park!!


School is officially out for the summer and we are very glad to have our school-agers here for the next few months.  They already seem a little more relaxed.  I hope the weather will cooperate with us so the kids can really get out and enjoy their summer break. We have lots of things planned to keep them very busy.  Please remember to bring in sunscreen and water bottle labeled with your child’s name because they will be spending a lot of time outdoors.  I hope that this is a great beginning to a wonderful summer ahead!!



Please make sure that you have signed your child’s permission slip to attend all field trips.  Please be aware that if you choose not to send your child on a specific field trip, you are required to find alternate care for your child on that day. All of our extra staff will be attending the field trip.  We will send out a list of dates and times of bus departures and arrivals for your records.  We are really looking forward to a great summer with our school-agers and we plan on keeping them very busy. 



AVA 6-15             RACHAEL 6-2    

CALVIN 6-27       RYKER 6-27        MAX 6-30            MIKEY 6-13

OLIVIA 6-1          EMERSYN 6-13   ELLISON 6-4       TINLEIGH 6-6

WESTYN 6-22     LANDRY 6-13      AVA 6-30            HAILEY 6-11

CHARLIE 6-28    COLLIN 6-5         EMALYN 6-4       EVERLEIGH 6-2

COOPER 6-10      KEEGAN 6-25     JACOB 6-18         ANNABEL 6-30

WILL 6-10


MISS MEGAN 6/14       MISS TAYLOR 6/13      MISS LORI 6/21

MISS SANDI 6/6           MISS KATIE 6/9